Technology Commercialization

Our team has decades of startup and technology commercialization experience. We will give you a frank assessment of your chance of success and provide constructive guidance and mentorship should you choose to proceed.

Requirements Engineering

Are you contemplating starting a new project of some form? Are you concerned that you might have missed something? Perhaps you need some assistance…

Requirements engineering is a specialized skill set that you can use to identify the real requirements for your project. We help you to identify your customers wants and needs, your wants and needs, and the resources available to address these wants and needs. We then work with you to fully define the scope of your project, prioritizing deliverables and getting your project started off with a clear plan.

Business Case Analysis

Thinking of branching out? Want another set of eyes to look things over? A set of eyes that you can trust to be discrete?

Consider talking to us. We specialize in risk and threat analysis and we use these tools to help you to identify whether or not you have a true competitive advantage.

Design Review

Think of us as a Dragons’ Den for your designs. Our critiques may seem harsh but they are always constructive! And, we can help you with making changes – should you choose to accept our advice.


Our most esoteric service! Bring us your customer needs and we will give you a product definition to meet those needs, even a business case analysis should you need one. Our fees vary widely (perhaps we should say wildly) but are always based upon a frank and reasonable assessment of the value that we add to your organization.