A Report on Select Research Opportunities

author={Callele, D. and Neufeld, E. and Schneider, K.},
booktitle={Multimedia and Enjoyable Requirements Engineering - Beyond Mere Descriptions and with More Fun and Games (MERE), 2011 Fourth International Workshop on}, title={A report on select research opportunities in requirements engineering for videogame development},
pages={26 -33},
abstract={Requirements engineering research in videogame development is a relatively new field. This paper summarizes our work in the area then reviews the prior academic and trade press. We then present brief overviews of numerous research opportunities in the videogame domain that arose from our research program yet remain open questions with the goal of providing other researchers with a concise directory of interesting research possibilities.},
keywords={Games;Industries;Materials;Presses;Software engineering;Testing;computer games;systems analysis;requirements engineering;research program;videogame development;Research opportunities;games;requirements;videogames;},