Guiding Requirements Scoping Using ROI

author={Wnuk, K. and Callele, D. and Regnell, B.},
booktitle={Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), 2010 18th IEEE International}, title={Guiding Requirements Scoping Using ROI: Towards Agility, Openness and Waste Reduction},
month={27 2010-oct. 1},
pages={409 -410},
abstract={We present a model for supporting scoping decisions that is based on an analysis of the ROI for a given feature. Employing a ROI threshold value for making scoping decisions, the utility of the model was investigated using data from a single large project and identified a group of outlying features responsible for a disproportionate wasted investment. These initial results are promising and indicate that further investigation and validation efforts are warranted.},
keywords={Biological system modeling;Computer science;Data models;Economics;Investments;Production;Software;data visualisation;formal specification;formal verification;software cost estimation;systems analysis;waste reduction;ROI;cost estimation;disproportionate wasted investment;requirements visualization;scoping decision making;waste reduction;Requirements visualization;cost estimation;economics;efficiency;process evaluation;scope;},