An Introduction to Experience Requirements

author={Callele, D. and Neufeld, E. and Schneider, K.},
booktitle={Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), 2010 18th IEEE International}, title={An Introduction to Experience Requirements},
month={27 2010-oct. 1},
pages={395 -396},
abstract={We consider the application of requirements engineering principles and techniques to the elicitation, capture, and representation of the output of the user experience design process. A stimulus-perception-response model is used to motivate experience requirements, defined as descriptions of user experiences that must be met (functional experiences) or are satisfaction goals (non-functional experiences). We identify potential benefits and look at experience requirements in video games.},
keywords={Art;Computer science;Games;ISO standards;Production;Usability;computer games;software engineering;user centred design;experience requirements introduction;functional experiences;requirements engineering principles;stimulus perception response model;user experience design process;video games;Experience requirements;non-functional requirements;user experience design;},