Physualization: Going Beyond Paper Prototyping

author={Callele, D.},
booktitle={Requirements Engineering Visualization (REV), 2010 Fifth International Workshop on}, title={Physualization: Going beyond paper prototyping},
pages={35 -39},
abstract={We present physualization, the deliberate physical manipulation of visualization entities, as a means of helping stakeholders explore possibilities in the requirement and design spaces. By engaging more of the stakeholder’s sensory and cognitive processes, our goal is to provide a means to enhance the requirements process and the resulting artifacts. Physualization relies upon readily available materials and ad hoc techniques to facilitate a lightweight requirements process. This work provides guidance for an interactive session that explores physualization support for specific requirements engineering topics; developing paradigms for supporting these tasks using materials like stickies, transparencies, markers, and sketchpads as building blocks.},
keywords={Color;Data visualization;Games;History;Materials;Prototypes;Visualization;cognitive systems;data visualisation;formal specification;ad hoc techniques;cognitive process;interactive session;lightweight requirements process;paper prototyping;physical manipulation;physualization;stakeholder sensory;visualization entities;Requirements process;requirements methodology;requirements visualization;},