Visualizing Emotional Requirements

author={Callele, D. and Neufeld, E. and Schneider, K.},
booktitle={Requirements Engineering Visualization (REV), 2009 Fourth International Workshop on}, title={Visualizing Emotional Requirements},
pages={1 -10},
abstract={Emotional requirements capture the game designer's vision for the player's emotional experience and are used to facilitate communication between pre-production and production teams. However, production-phase deficiencies in emotional requirements have been identified. In this work, we extend the definition of emotional requirements to include emotion prototypes and emotion markers and present improved techniques for eliciting, capturing and visualizing emotional requirements. A detailed investigation of one gameplay scenario is presented, with a focus on evaluating visualization techniques for emotional requirements. The solutions developed in this work met the needs of all development team members and appear to be general solutions for the domain.},
keywords={Collaborative work;Communication industry;Computer science;Games;Gray-scale;Guidelines;Production;Prototypes;Toy industry;Visualization;computer games;data visualisation;formal specification;formal verification;emotion markers;emotion prototypes;emotional requirements;game designer vision;production-phase deficiencies;visualization techniques;},