Augmenting Emotional Requirements with Emotion Markers and Emotion Prototypes

author={Callele, D. and Neufeld, E. and Schneider, K.},
booktitle={Requirements Engineering Conference, 2009. RE '09. 17th IEEE International}, title={Augmenting Emotional Requirements with Emotion Markers and Emotion Prototypes},
month={31 2009-sept. 4},
pages={373 -374},
abstract={A production-phase weakness in emotional requirements was identified and resolved during a follow-up study. The definition of emotional requirements was extended to include emotion prototypes and emotion markers. Improved practices for identifying media assets for emotional requirements were developed, enhancing their utility to the production process.},
keywords={Buildings;Computer science;Design engineering;Documentation;Games;Graphics;Production;Prototypes;Safety;Toy industry;computer games;systems analysis;emotion markers;emotion prototypes;emotional requirement augmentation;media assets;production-phase weakness;Non-functional requirements;emotion;emotional requirements;video game.;},